We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health inequities in our community, with models of care that can be community supported and sustained and replicated throughout the country.

Our Mission

Centering Black and Brown families in maternal infant health
For every family, a healthy baby;
For every baby, a healthy village

  • Decreased prematurity
  • Decreased low birth weight
  • Increased breastfeeding initiation and duration
  • Increased interpregnancy intervals
  • Improved management of pregnancy complications
  • Improved efficacy of pregnancy self-care
  • Improved quality and access to healthcare
  • Increased numbers of people of color entering the perinatal professions
  • Restoration of the community midwife

At Uzazi Village we believe that:

  • Community engagement is essential to creating long-term sustainable change in family health
  • Respecting the dignity of every individual is an essential part of building a healthy and supportive community
  • Health care is a Human Right that should be accessible and affordable for every community member
  • Empowerment comes with personal ownership of health through education and community support
  • Integrity
  • Cultural adaptability
  • Compassion
  • Community involvement

What we’re about

Uzazi Village has been established to decrease the maternal and infant health disparities found in the urban core, particularly among African-American women, but also other at-risk populations residing there. We will accomplish this by:


Incubating innovative models in healthcare delivery and quality improvements through community collaboratives , research, and think tank building that invites the community to be a part of its own problem-solving


Nurturing, educating, supporting, and advocating for community childbearing women and their families


Introducing community conversations that reframe the social and personal determinants of health to be self-defined and solutions to be self imposed


Cultivating the next generation of birth workers of color, ensuring that the future workforce reflects both the values of the community and population being served
Our mission is a simple one, to increase perinatal health equity in the urban core. Our vision likewise: for every family; a healthy baby, for every baby; a healthy village. It is built on the principles, of respect for human dignity, the distributive justice of accessing health, and healthcare as a human right.