Uzazi Village is a volunteer ran and operated organization. We depend on our volunteers for all projects big and small. Are you interested in volunteering with Uzazi? Take a look at our volunteer opportunities below, fill out and application, and attend a volunteer training.

Upcoming Volunteer Trainings

October 1st- 9:30am-11:30am

Uzazi Village is ready to take it to the next level but we need some serious skill sets.

If you can commit a couple of hours a week, want to make a big difference in the world and possess some high level skills you’re willing to donate, then we have a mission for you. We can’t pay for your time with money, but you can enhance your resume with high quality experience in a work setting the celebrates your autonomy and creativity.

Current Openings

Director of Education (1 opening)

Monitor and supervise all educational activities for consumer and professional programming (1 day per week, can be done partially from home)

  • screen, interview, and supervise all students and interns from institutions of higher learning
  • review contracts and interface with all school administration and faculty
  • ensure compliance with all such contracts
  • hire, train, and supervise and evaluate all instructors of consumer education (teachers and trainers)
  • recruit, train, supervise and evaluate all meeting and support group facilitators
  • Report to Executive Director

Facilities Manager (1 opening)

Oversee utilization and maintenance of facility (1-2 days per week)

  • maintain compliance with city codes and lease agreements
  • oversee scheduling of events
  • maintain cleanliness of facility
  • order and stock needed supplies
  • oversee repairs and liaison to the
  • report to Director of Programs

Director of Marketing and PR (1 opening)

Oversee organizational branding through all media, and promote Uzazi Village programming, services, and goods (1 day per week)

  • write and distribute press releases
  • optimize the work of and collaborate with the Brand Manager,  and Outreach Coordinator for short and long term goals and strategies
  • create long range strategies for marketing of services and good
  • maintain working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the fields of marketing and public relations
  • publicize the activities of Uzazi Village, its programs and goals
  • glean local, regional, and national positive attention for the organization
  • plan and implement fundraising ventures and events
  • report to the Executive Director

Outreach Coordinator (1 opening)

Represent brand to partner organizations (1-2 days per week, some work can be done from home)

  • identify and recruit potential partner organizations- maintain cordial relationship and collaborate on projects
  • recruit, supervise, and evaluate performance of Uzazi Ambassadors
  • represent the organizations mission,and messages to partner organizations and agencies
  • evaluate effectiveness of outreach activites and revise as needed
  • report to Director of Marketing and PR

Director of Finances and Contracts (1 opening)

Enhance and optimize the financial resources of the organization in service of the mission (2 days per month)

  • work with Treasurer to create long term financial plan and annual budgets
  • oversee day to day financial operations of organization
  • develop and maintain sound financial practices
  • keep Executive Director and Council of Elders abreast of financial needs
  • report to Executive Director

Openings include:

  • Brand Manager 

  • Uzazi Ambassadors (outreach workers) 

  • Director of Education

  • Facilities Manager

  • Staff Manager

  • Director of Marketing and PR

  • Outreach Coordinator

  • Director of Financing and Contracts

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