Black Infant Mortality Awareness Walk

Join us as we walk on September 21, 2019 from Truman Medical Center or Research Medical Center to Uzazi Village

Thank you for joining us as we walk from Truman Medical Center or Research Medical Center to Uzazi Village  to raise awareness about Black Infant Mortality in Kansas City and nation-wide. CEO, Hakima Tafunzi Payne, will deliver a Mayoral Proclamation in order to raise awareness and support policies aimed at reducing infant mortality in the African-American community.

Participants have the option to walk from either Truman Medical Center or Research Medical Center to Uzazi Village where we will enjoy family fun activities and lunch.  Each route is approximately 3 miles and will take up to 2 hours.

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Black Infant Mortality

The Walk for Black Infant Mortality started in Missouri to bring awareness to the issue of Black infant mortality in our community. Black infants are twice as likely to die prior to their first birthday than their White counterparts. The reasons for this tragic health inequity are varied and complex, but many deaths are preventable. Prematurity and low birth weight are the leading causes of infant death in the African- American community. 


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Infant Mortality Rates measure the risk of dying during the first year of life.

Healthy People 2020 IMR (target goal)
6.0/1000 live births

National IMR (2005, CDC)
6.7/1000 live births

Missouri IMR (2008 data)
7.2/1000 live births

Kansas City IMR (2008 data)
8.2/1000 live births