Grace, PCHW

My Story
My mother was in Africa when I found out I was expecting our first child at the age of 22. I read every book on pregnancy I could lay my hands on, but there was so much information, I was overwhelmed and in many ways I doubted myself. I had never thought of what my ideal birth would look like. No one told me I could and should dream of what I would like for my pregnancy and the delivery process to look like. I felt like my body was not my own, but that I was at the dictates of the medical professionals and I had to follow orders and silence my inner ideas. I felt unheard, I felt voiceless and I felt powerless. I simply needed someone to support me; someone to help me hear my own heart’s desires, to reassure me and to provide resources in a way that empowered me instead of the plethora of knowledge that overwhelmed me. Although I didn’t know it then, and I had never heard of them, I needed a doula! Now, years later, having completed graduate studies in biological anthropology and with my oldest off to college and our other two children in high school, I am honored to be a doula supporting other women through this sacred journey of pregnancy and birth.