Justice, Senior PCHW

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had an unwavering passion for seeing to it that people are treated fairly. Injustice, in it’s many forms has always bothered me and I have worked on many issues. As a domestic violence advocate, I met many women who were pregnant while trying to escape an abusive partner. The things they would reveal always reminded me of my own survivor story. I wanted to become a doula in order to better assist the pregnant moms that I met. Not only has my professional training prepared me to work with some of the most vulnerable clients in our community I am also fully equipped to assist ALL birthing families. Being a doula is a natural fit for me. I enjoy coaching mom’s to advocate for themselves during their perinatal health care visits and birthing process. I believe that each birth is unique and deserves the special attention that a doula can offer. I’m the mother of three beautiful children. Due to medical complications with my first child, I ended up having an emergency C-Section. I was lucky enough to have a doula by my side to offer me support and comfort during a very difficult time. Her presence was invaluable and I hope that mine will be just as helpful. I believe in empowering mom’s and dads to make the best decisions for their families. I would consider it an honor to be apart of your birth experience.