Sister Doulas

What is a Doula?

A doula is a professional labor support person.  They are experts at getting women through the process of labor and birth.  They support physiologic normal birth and attend births in all setting.  The Sister Doulas of Uzazi Village are available to work with any woman located in the metropolitan area.  Doulas are not healthcare providers and do not provide clinical services.  They are trained to provide physical, and emotional supportive care and education.

The Sister Doula Co-op

If you are interested in hiring one of our Sister Doulas, simply call one of the numbers below or email us.  You can phone interview as many Sister Doulas as you like and may have a complimentary ‘getting to know you’ appointment with one or two.  Once you have selected a doula and a back-up doula, and payment arrangements have been made, your doula services will begin.  We suggest you hire your Sister Doula as you enter your second trimester.  Sister Doulas can help you clarify your birth plan, suggest community resources, and give guidance on providers and practices.  Sister Doulas work with clients at home, in birth centers and at the hospital.  They work with those planning unmedicated and medicated births.  Our Sister Doulas are skilled in supporting physiologic birth and breastfeeding.

Our Sister Doulas

Kansas City Sister Doulas


Senior Sister Doula, PCHW


Sister Doula, Senior PCHW


Sister Doula, PCHW


Sister Doula, PCHW


Sister Doula, PCHW


Sister Doula, PCHW


Sister Doula, PCHW


Sister Doula, PCHW


Sister Doula, Postpartum Doula

St. Louis Sister Doulas


Senior Sister Doula, PCHW

Dee Dee

Sister Doula, PCHW

Fees & Services


This includes:
3 prenatal visits
Labor/delivery and breastfeeding support
2 postpartum visits
Access to our childbirth and breastfeeding class at Uzazi Village
Access to our breastfeeding support groups

We have several payment options

Full payment, made by 37 weeks gestation

Sliding scale fees and payment plans over 2-4 payments

10% discount if paid in full in one payment

Doula scholarships from KC Doulas

Sister Doula Support Package- donors can make a donation to cover the cost of a doula and the service will be awarded to a woman from our community who could not otherwise afford one.

Sister Doula Services are also available through Home State Health Plans in Missouri, and Amerigroup in Kansas. If this is your provider, please contact us for more information.