Ruby, PCHW

During the pregnancy of my firstborn child, I was encouraged by my midwife to get a doula. I never knew what a doula was before then but I decided to go ahead and look into it. I met my doula late in my pregnancy so we only had a couple of visits before delivery. Having someone that knew exactly what I wanted with my birth, who was in full support, and free of judgement made all of the difference. My birth would not have been the same without my doula.  My doula supported me in ensuring I remained in charge of my birth and it was a powerful birth experience.

I realize how important a birthing experience and how impactful having a doula can be. It always came natural for me to help the women surrounding me during their birth experience and after so the thought of becoming a doula came natural to me and I did not think twice about it. I want women to feel the exact love and support I got during my birth experience and continue to educate women on the options they have for their birth experience.