Are you an Uzazi Speaker?

Are you an Uzazi Speaker?

Uzazi Speakers are experts in their fields. They speak on Perinatal Health, Breastfeeding, Healthcare Injustice, and Disparities in the Perinatal Health field, among many other topics.

The Uzazi Speakers are a collective of professionals who are listed on the Uzazi Village website and marketed as experts in the perinatal professions. Uzazi will provide a monthly updated list of all professional and consumer conference nationally that are seeking abstracts, speakers, and trainings for all prenatal health professions.

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Uzazi Speakers Fee:

To be listed as an Uzazi Speaker there is an annual fee of $200. This will provide you with you own Uzazi Speaker page on the Uzazi Village website, access to a monthly updated conference lists, and marketing with other Uzazi Speakers.

Do you have additional questions?

Please contact Melissa at or Mariah at or 913-486-8568

Thank you for your interest in joining Uzazi Speakers!

Annual fee:



We accept all major credit cards and cash.  Please contact us to register in person.